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Website responsiveness tester for designers with high standards
  • Premium responsive tester

    You have an interactive collection of the most popular mobile phones, tablets, notebooks and monitors. We update the collection regularly and also on our members' requests.

  • Premium responsive tester

    The devices you select are placed next to each other, so you can test multiple breakpoints simultaneously and show your work to your clients keeping them happy and engaged.

  • Premium responsive tester

    There is an additional horizontal scrollbar on the top of the device collection. You no longer need to scroll down first to be able to scroll horizontally.

  • Premium responsive tester

    You can scale the devices up and down. Comes handy when you want larger devices to fit on your screen.

  • Premium responsive tester

    The device screens you see take the scrollbar width of your browser and the device pixel ratio (retina resolutions) of the device into consideration to ensure correct breakpoint activation.

  • Premium responsive tester

    With screen sharing you can hold remote presentations to your clients. Ideal for distributed teams and remote working.

How to help clients grasp the value of a responsively designed website? See how the it is demonstrated with OnDevice.

OnDevice App - website responsiveness presentation tool for designers

Smooth and neat. That's the way to present website responsiveness and get clients convinced about its value.

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  • client Tested by Veronika, Blue Horizon

    "We've never had a tool before to present our responsively designed projects in a self explanatory way. Our stakeholders and clients love it. It makes our website presentation so much smoother!"

  • OnDevice App - responsiveness of website presentation tool screenshare
  • Support your expertise

    Explain the benefits of responsive design during a live, clickable and interactive website presentation, to make the client understand your thinking and see the consequences of the design decisions.

  • Validate your prices

    Show the clients that a responsively designed website, especially those made with mobile first approach, means serving more users due to the higher flexibility. Let them see in action why the higher cost of the responsive mobile first approach is well worth its price.

  • Establish your next project

    Convince your clients about the quality of your design service and win their next project with a novel presentation tool that shows the capabilities and the responsiveness of the websites you make.

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