• Responsive tester for designers and marketing agencies who want to win more clients

  • Show your clients why a responsive website is the best choice on realistic emulations of today's most popular phones and tablets.

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  • Comprehensive device collection

    An interactive collection of the most popular phones, tablets, notebooks and monitors available on the market. Once your clients have seen your amazing works on "real" devices, they'll more likely go with the responsive design option you offer them. We keep the collection up to date, and are happy to include devices on our members' requests.

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  • Horizontal layout

    The devices you select are placed next to each other so you can immediately see how your responsive website looks like on each one of them. You no longer need to switch between resolutions to check your design at different breakpoints. Scaling and an additional horizontal scrollbar on the top of the device collection are also available for your convenience.

  • Scrollbar width detection

    The device screens you see take the scrollbar width of your browser into consideration. This ensures that the breakpoints you've defined work as expected, displaying your website just like a real phone or tablet would.

  • Loading from localhost

    You don't need to go live before its time or give away the code to present the progress to your clients. Simply load your responsive or mobile website from your secure environment, make the fixes quickly and reload the page to show the result immediately.

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OnDevice designer tester tool for live design
  • client Tested by Veronika, TACO Studio

    "We've never had a tool before to finalize the design and make immediate fixes during live presentation. Our stakeholders and marketeers love it. It makes our preparation for the releases so much smoother!"

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