• Presenting responsively designed websites

  • How did you show your clients so far that designing responsively, especially with mobile first approach, has a higher cost for a reason? Was it as neat as showing the result on all mobile screen sizes in a single presentation tool? Because that is how to get clients grasp that the higher cost of designing responsively is aligned with a higher value.

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OnDevice App - website responsiveness presentation tool
  • What do you need for a website presentation to show the responsiveness of the website? Also with one shot, how to get clients convinced about the quality of your design service?
  • All mobile screen sizes in one platform

    Presenting website responsiveness made easy and neat for you with OnDevice. The platform gives you an interactive collection of the most popular mobile screen sizes, tablets, notebooks and monitors. Because the smoothest way of how to get clients go with the responsive design option you offer them is showing their responsively designed website on "real" devices. We keep the collection up to date, and are happy to include devices on our members' requests.

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  • Overview of website responsiveness

    The devices with their mobile screen sizes you select are placed next to each other in a horizontal viewport so you can immediately see how your responsively designed website would look like on each one of them. You no longer need to switch between mobile screen sizes to test the website responsiveness at different breakpoints. Scaling and an additional horizontal scrollbar on the top of the device collection are also available for your convenience.

  • Accurate screen presentation

    The mobile screen sizes you see take the scrollbar width of your browser and the device pixel ratio (retina resolutions) into consideration. This ensures that the breakpoints of your responsively designed website work as expected, presenting your website just like a real phone or tablet would.

  • Website presentation from Localhost

    You don't need to go live before its time or give away the code for presenting website responsiveness to your clients. Simply load your responsively designed website from your secure environment, make the fixes quickly and reload the page to show the result immediately.

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OnDevice reponsively designed website presentation tool

How to get clients to grasp the value of a responsively designed website? See how the website responsiveness is demonstrated OnDevice, our website presentation tool.

Website responsiveness live presentation on different mobile screen sizes

Smooth and neat. That's the way to present website responsiveness and get clients convinced about the value of a responsively designed website.

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  • client Tested by Veronika, TACO Studio

    "We've never had a tool before to present our responsively designed projects in a self explanatory way. Our stakeholders and clients love it. It makes our website presentation so much smoother!"

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  • Support your expertise

    Explain your responsive decisions during a live, clickable and interactive website presentation, to make the client understand your thinking and see the consequences of the design decisions.

  • Validate your prices

    Show the clients that a responsively designed website, especially those made with mobile first approach, means serving more users due to the higher flexibility. Let them see in action why the cost of a responsively designed website is worth its price.

  • Establish your next project

    Convince your clients about the quality of your design service and win their next project with a novel presentation tool that shows the capability and responsiveness of the websites you make.

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