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  • How to look well prepared in a design meeting? Well, you might stop mucking around with browser windows and printed screenshots and just show your responsive design OnDevice. No more confusion on your stakeholders and client face, with a clear overview of the most common devices you give them a full device lab experience.

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Testing responsive design online with real device size
  • Comparable devices by OnDevice responsive testing

    Device filtering

    You can search for a specific device, device type or a brand within the device collection. What you've added to your responsive viewport will be there next time in the same exact way you set it up, no need to repeat the settings for the next round.

  • Real device image by OnDevice responsive testing

    Reliable result

    All devices come with their physical size and retina display (where applicable) accompanied with their native and CSS resolutions and market share. You'll know exactly how important they are to test and how they'd look in the clients' hand. No guessing on testing.

  • Real device size by OnDevice responsive testing

    Custom agency header

    You can set your own value proposition and business name for client reviews and for reference screenshoting. By changing between testing mode an presentation mode with one click you can ensure a completely distraction-free environment for your design reviews.

Giving you
  • 50+ devices

    The device collection contains the most common devices on the market from mobile to UHD resolutions to cover all the resolutions you need to test. The list is constantly growing based on the members' requests.

    responsive design devices
  • Localhost testing

    No need to go live before its time or give away the code to present the progress to the clients. You can load your responsive design from your secure environment, make the fixes quickly and reload the page to show the result immediately.

    localhost responsive testing
  • Scalable viewport

    Compare as many devices or resolutions as you want, in the size you like. Just scale down the viewport to make them fit in the screen and you're all set for a quick scanning to see how the design play with the different devices.

    scaling responsive viewport
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  • We've never had a tool before to finalize the design and make immediate fixes during a live presentation. Our stakeholders and marketeers loves it. It makes our preparation for the releases so much smoother!

    client Veronika, Taco Studio
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  • Present your responsive design, not just deliver it. OnDevice App was made for agencies and designers to build a strong responsive reputation with a tool they can trust and their stakeholders and clients will love.

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